ACSM Certification


acsm_largeACSM stands for the American College of Sports Medicine. It provides certification to aspiring trainers and helps them in providing appropriate training and assistance. This is the first organization which was established to provide certification to professionals who were interested in the field of health and fitness. At present, this is the largest sports medicine and the exercise science organization on the face of this planet, and the organization continues to set the bar high for aspiring professionals by providing strict examinations in order to maintain the high standards that they have set in the fitness industry. The important aspects of joining ACSM are that it is the ruling organization which sets different health and exercising guidelines. These guidelines are followed by other presiding bodies that are present within the fitness industry in order to set their standards and qualifications. Getting ACSM certification is not easy, as passing the right exam requires a lot of study and training, and prospective trainers have to work very hard in order to pass this exam.

Source: ACSM

The above is a representation of the abillities requested in the exam, in this case for Exercise Instructor, related to the water aerobics domain, but the other certifications (Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Health Fitness Specialist, Certified Clinical Exercise Specialist, etc) are similar in nature. Observe the variety and wide spectrum of domains needed to become certified

In over 44 different countries, the American College of Sports Medicine has certified more than 25, 000 trainers. Secondly, the American College of Sports Medicine is also accredited with the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment, which ensures the highest possible training standards. As a person who is looking for a certified trainer, I would obviously want to hire one who has the best qualifications, and being accredited with the ACSM certainly counts in that regard. This is because the ACSM hires impartial experts in order to make sure that the best standards are maintained while certification is being provided.

Water_Muscle_Cramp A good instructor will be able to guide you on the variety of different exercises that you can try in the water, and he will also help you in making sure that you do not make the wrong moves. A lot of people end up with cramps in their body just because they are not doing the exercises properly, so if you are concerned about the problems that you might be facing; it is always wise to ask directly from the trainer. Then again, if your trainer is not fully certified, he or she won’t be able to guide you properly. Therefore, always hire a proper instructor with thorough water aerobics certification in order to guide you. Without a good trainer, your case will be similar to that of firing blanks, because you will be exercising what comes to mind, without actually knowing the effects of what you are doing and how beneficial it can be.

The ACSM certification requires trainers to pass a series of stringent examinations, and not all of the people are able to pass with flying colors. The total number of questions that are asked are 111, and the least passing marks that people need to get is 70%. If you pass, you become an ACSM certified trainer, while a money back guarantee is provided to those who fail and wish to withdraw from the examination. There are various benefits of getting certified from a prestigious organization such as ACSM, and you can easily get lots of fitness jobs. The best thing that it does to a person’s personality is provides the confidence that comes from having passed out from one of the most successful and the highest standard setting organization in the world in the field of fitness training.

Secondly, not only in the USA, but job opportunities are available all across the world, and candidates can gain a lot more opportunities in various different countries. The pay packagers are also higher as compared to other trainers, for instance one that holds an AFAA certification will be given a lower pay package as compared to one that holds an ACSM certification. Maintaining fitness is one of the most important aspects of today’s world, as the number of obese people is rising steadily. For that purpose, more and more people are hiring trainers in order to get their bodies fit, and having good qualifications will obviously get you a good package.

ACSM also holds dedicated workshops in order to help personal trainers. The Personal Trainer Certificate Workshop Sessions help people in understanding the various techniques that can be used in order to train people. The three day workshop can be taken for a total charge of $375, while the standard one day work shop costs a total of $129. If you fail the test and wish to retake it, a total fee of retesting that amounts to $150 is charged. Secondly, various review courses are also held in order to provide proper training and studies for the exam, which cost somewhere around $40 to $60.

Because of the lack of job opportunities and the total downfall of the job market, more and more people are trying for ACSM certification, which can help them in getting a job, because if you are a fitness trainer, you can even open up your own gym in order to make money. However, getting certified by the American College of Sports Medicine is by no means an easy feat, which is why it is important for people to make sure that they study properly and get the highest marks that are required to pass the ACSM course. This will also help them later on in getting better job opportunities.