Recommendations for Water Aerobics Professionals


Professional Instructors as well as participants must follow clothing policies. Given most segments of the Water Aerobics class involve rebounding, it is imperative for everybody to wear supportive clothing. Therefore, it will be expected from the Instructors to be correctly attired, and to revise the clothing selection made by the class.

In case of outdoor pools, the clothing policies should include protection items from the sun like hats or visors, waterproof sunscreen, swimwear made of lighter materials and sunglasses.

Deck Instructions

The Aquatic Exercise Association (AEA) stated deck instruction is the best method to lead a Water Aerobics class.

deck-instructionsThey understand this is the highest level of safety for the whole class, allowing the Instructor to have better observation and to respond quicker in the event of emergencies. It is also the best way to show how to perform the exercises, rather than participating of the workout in the pool with the whole class.

The AEA recommends the Instructors to remain on deck when there is no lifeguard on duty, or some new participants are joining the class, or when there are new exercises or movements to show.

Instructors should not compromise their own safety while on deck. Therefore, some precautions need to be taken, as follows:

  • Prevent from showing high impact movements
  • It is recommended the use of a chair to show low impact movements
  • Wear the correct water shoes for deck instructions
  • Make use of an Eva foam mat in order to reduce the impact of some exercises
  • Drink the necessary water to keep the body hydrated, and for protection of the voice
  • Make use of a microphone, or incorporate non verbal language that denotes your instructions
  • Be extremely cautious when utilizing electrical sound equipment near the pool, in order to prevent from undesired electrical shocks
  • Keep in mind the importance to lead the class, rather than being part of it
  • In order to safely perform the exercises on deck, the personal training of the Instructor must consists in balance, strength, flexibility  and endurance

How Many Classes Are Suggested To Lead


There are many factors that play an important role while determining the amount of classes a professional can lead. Some of the variables are: the personal physical condition of the Instructor,  the

degree of leadership over participation, length of Water Aerobics classes and the types of the programs scheduled.

Taking the above data into consideration, the AEA recommends to maximum lead 15 classes per week, controlling any signs or symptoms of dehydration and/or over-training, and utilizing deck instructions to lead the class rather than participating on the workouts.


The AEA recommends to lead a maximum of 2 high intensity classes, or 4 of lower impact type.

They also highly suggest to rest between classes for periods that really allow the Professionals to recover from the last class.

How Many Participants Are Suggested To Attend A Class

The amount of participants will be determined according to the space required for each person in the pool.

The recommended space in shallow water per person is of 32 square feet, for a typical cardio class with no equipment, while the space should be larger in case water equipment is added. Depending on the dimensions of the pool, it should be divided by 32 in order to obtain the number of participants that can attend a Water Aerobics class with no use of equipment. It should  be taken into account that the use of water tools requires more space per person, and implies less participants per class.

For deep water, given the participants need to drift and float, the recommended working space would be of 32-36 square feet per person.

The AEA also recommends that classes are delivered with a lifeguard on duty, besides the Water Aerobics Instructor. In case it’s not possible, it is required that the Water Aerobics Instructor is trained and have demonstrated strong life saving skills.

When a lifeguard is on duty, the recommended amount of participants in a class is 50, going down to 25 when the only and primary rescuer is the Water Aerobics Instructor.

Precautions In Case Of Thunder Or Lighting

thundersThe AEA, based on the National Lightning Safety Institute (NLSI), recommends that in case of thunder staff, participants and authorities should leave the swimming pool and pool area, in outdoor and indoor facilities, as soon as they are aware of the first thunder or lightning.

Patrons and staff will be able to access the pool and pool area not before “30 minutes after the last sounding of thunder  or last sighting of lighting.”




Promote Water Intake During The Water Aerobics Class

water-intakeIt will be expected from the Water Aerobics Instructors to promote the participants to drink the necessary water before, during and after the class.

It will also be expected to increase the water intake, when the air and water temperature are above the recommendations, in case the exercises are of high intensity, if the participant has consumed caffeine or diuretics, and in case of pregnancy.