The Importance of Water Aerobics Footwear


This essential accessory is commonly overlooked by beginners, but also by more advanced trainees. Many people have the wrong idea that one good pair of trainers is good enough to practice any sport, leading them to serious health problems.

It is recommended to choose the trainers according to the terrain one will be exercising on, in order to lower the impact of these exercises on the body, specially on the joints and spine. Therefore, specific and correct footwear to practice Water Aerobics is what one needs to obtain the best results after such classes.

According to the American Aquatic Exercise Association “it is recommended the use of aquatic shoes for most shallow aquatic fitness, especially programs involving impact or traveling movements. Shoes reduce impact stress to the weight-bearing joints, allow for better footing during grounded techniques, increase traction during traveling patterns, protect the feet from injury and improve the quality of the workout. Shoes are especially important for individuals  with the following special considerations: pregnancy, obesity, diabetes and musculoskeletal disorders”.

They also confirmed that “for a traditional non-impact deep-water format, shoes would not be required and may not be preferred if they hamper full range of motion at the ankle, especially during plantar flexion. However, shoes (depending upon the type selected)  may provide additional weight to the legs that can assist in maintaining correct vertical alignment. Additionally, specific resistance shoes manufactured to enhance training benefits of water exercise and these may be incorporated for added intensity.”

What To Look For While Purchasing Water Aerobics Shoes

Famous brands developed these shoes using the highest quality of materials in order to fulfill most of the water activities requirements: non slippery outsole, resistant to water with solid colors, lightweight and durable.

Experts recommend that at the time of searching for a specific pair of Water Aerobics trainers, one should look for a larger outsole that perfectly grips the surface, made of resistant and flexible rubber for more comfortable movements.

The size of these shoes needs to fit the foot, it doesn’t have to be too tight when trainers are dry, and not too loose when they’re wet, in order for the foot to be in place at all times, and preventing from undesired ankle, knee or hip pains.

Literally hundreds of water shoes are available online and at different sport stores these days. Therefore, it will not be difficult to find a pair that better suits one’s needs, but a couple of important things need to be combined to find the best.

Versatility is a demanded quality in this type of shoes. They could be a little pricey, but they worth every penny. One can wear a pair of  amphibious trainers for Water Aerobic classes, but these are really preferred and purchased by professional runners, kayaking and boating fans, as well as to be used in deck.

Ultimate Water Aerobics Shoes – Recommended

The shapes range from those of common trainers, to the most engineered and trendy ones, which is a perfect example of the Vibram FiveFinger Trainers.


Vibram FiveFingers Men’s ‘Bikila’ Water Shoes

These are like a foot made of the highest materials to resist water, to be adjusted to the ankle and prevent injuries, keep sand off the shoes, and counts with a magnific outsole which make them comfortable and

Apt for running on land. Users confirmed that wearing these trainers “is like walking or training barefoot”.

These shoes are highlighted for those features that turn them into the most wanted shoes for some land and water sports.

Disadvantages: they seem not to be easy to put in an off. Still, users recommend the use of powder to slip on. In addition, people find them a bit pricey in comparison with other trainers, but they are the latest release of water specific trainers. It is better to try a previous model at a lower cost, but with most of the same benefits.

Good Health of Feet Turns Into Benefit of the Whole Body

Orthopedists in accordance with The American Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Society,  strongly recommend the use of the correct shoe depending on what sport one is most active in.

The McKinley  Health Centre encourage people to try on footwear in the evening, given this time of the day is when the feet are larger.

Experts advised that in case one experience foot, ankle, knee or low back pain, to see a Doctor because it could be caused by some foot affections like flat foot, bunions, hammertoes, ingrown toe nails among other common health problems like arthritis, gout or diabetes.

They stress the importance of using the correct footwear in order to prevent or correct osseous and muscular conditions. And also confirmed that these can be worsen by doing the incorrect exercises. In case of “flat foot” they suggest to walk barefoot as much as possible, since it can help to revert the condition.

The spine could be in true danger if a foot affection is not taken care of. One will tend to walk with difficulties, disbalancing the weight of the body, and making the knees and hips to work unnecessarily harder.

The joints will be worn out and legs will be weary soon, increasing the soreness in various parts of the body.

Doctors recommend not to take pain killers and procrastinate the visit to the Doctors, in order not to worsen the patient’s condition.
Note: The members of Water Aerobics Equipment site strongly recommend to visit a Doctor at least once a year, and to immediately contact him in case of facing any of the mentioned symptoms in this article.

It is our responsibility to encourage our readers to do not overlook any pain you are suffering. Please do us and yourself a big favor and set an appointment with your Doctor today.